LikeStar: Make your face look like a celebrity


Do you wish to look alike a Hollywood Star, a famous sportsman, a politician or a celebrity?
Wanna have a celebrity face features?

Your wish come true with LikeStar with more than 200+ of free celebrity photo filters!

Follow easy steps to have a famous celebrity face:

– Add your photo
– Choose a name of celebrity photo filter
– Adjust level of alikeness from 0% to 100%

In a moment you’ll see an awesome result on your face!

Wanna surprise your friends with your new “celeb” look and have fun with them?
There’s an option of sending the photo result via any application, as well as saving to gallery.
Also there’s a zoom option for your convenience, so you’d distinguish a photo filter effect.

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Enjoy LikeStar and shine Like a Star!

– You have got more or less similarity changing a scale of alikeness percentage from 0% to 100%
– A high quality picture is preferable. The better a picture of you the better result you’ve got
– For better result look as straight as possible at the camera


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