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The great thing about Android is that you can access folders on your device directly from a computer via USB. But sometimes you need to access files away from a computer. ES File Explorer lets you do this by accessing folders on your device.

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The app also features an application manager, task killer. Another excellent feature is support for accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This means you can download files directly to the folders you want without using a separate app.

Simple and effective

Every Android user should use a file explorer. It makes managing folders or downloaded content a lot easier than connecting to your computer. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection, accessing and managing files through your cloud storage account is really easy. But if you want to easily download big files, you have to be wary of the app possibly crashing.

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ES File Explorer is very easy to use and the added features like the application manager and task killer are useful.

ES File Manager is a well-known file manager, though its popularity has waned in recent years as it passed from developer to developer. The developer was most recently listed as ‘ES Global’ on the Play Store, though the app is actually owned by ‘Du Global’. As confirms, Du is a subdivision of DO Global, the company currently intertwined in the click fraud scandal

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The obvious caveat is that the chances of exploitation are slim, given that this isn’t an attack that anyone on the internet can perform. Any would-be attacker has to be on the same network as the victim. Typically that would mean the same Wi-Fi network. But that also means that any malicious app on any device on the network that knows how to exploit the vulnerability could pull data from a device running ES File Explorer and send it along to another server, so long as it has network permissions.


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